Fleet Cards

Increase Your Fleet Business with Fleet Card Acceptance

Many vehicle fleet operators ask their drivers to purchase parts and services where their fleet card is accepted.

Did you know that today there are 7 million fleet vehicles in the United States where the preferred payment method is Voyager and Wright Express (WEX) fleet cards? Many of those vehicles may be driving past your stores and onto the competition where they accept fleet cards!

Join NAPA SafePAY+ program and give those fleet vehicles another reason to visit your store. Card acceptance is included in your NAPA SafePAY+ program and it works seamlessly in the terminal with all other card transactions.



“NAPA SafePAY+ has allowed us to save $5800 in four months, roughly 20%. We were not concerned about the enrollment and setup at all. The setup took minutes and the payout/savings is HUGE! At our store we do a good amount of fleet business, so with the addition of the fleet cards, our business has seen a jump in sales. I cannot express my pleasure with this new system, and would recommend it to all my fellow NAPA store owners and AutoCare centers. Don’t miss out on this great program!”

Rick Towne of Auto Supply & Equipment
South Carolina
Enrolled in NAPA SafePAY+ on 8/17/11