Maintaining PCI Compliance helps protect your customers and business from fraud, hackers and potential fines. NAPA SAFEPAY+ is specifically designed for your business to meet your needs and provide you with an added layer of security that can assist with.


  • Compact, Color Touchscreen Terminal
  • Built-in receipt Printer & Pinpad
  • Accepts Chips and Contactless payment
  • TransArmor® Encryption
  • Low Cost Processing
  • NAPA Gift Cards
  • Tokenization
  • Fleet Cards (optional)

Integrated Payment Card (IPC)

  • Customer Facing terminals
  • Accepts EMV® Chip Cards
  • Low Cost Processing
  • NAPA Gift Cards
  • Tokenization
  • Integrates to TAMS

Mobile Payment

  • Wireless Solutions
  • Clover Go attachment
  • Clover Flex
  • Long Lasting Charges
  • Accepts EMV® Chip Cards
  • TransArmor® Encryption
  • Low Cost Processing
  • Accepts contactless payments

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“ We were one of the first independents to make the switch to NAPA SAFEPAY+ and let me say we are so glad to have been one of the first. We have converted all 5 of our stores to SAFEPAY+. The terminal cost was not bad at all and was less than the previous provider charged us. ”

-Katie Finley of Finley Industries Inc., Nevada. Enrolled in NAPA SAFEPAY+ on 8/31/10

Gift Cards Now Available

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