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Do you feel like card processors promise you interchange rates that you don’t ultimately get? Tired of sorting through statement fees, network access fees and other unknown fees?

NAPA SAFEPAY+ is a solution designed to improve your profits. Many independent NAPA storeowners that are currently using NAPA SAFEPAY+, have reported reducing their card acceptance costs as much as 20%.

NAPA and Genuine Parts Company have used their combined leverage to create NAPA SAFEPAY+ that lets you pay processing rates similar to large chain retailers, avoiding hidden costs and abusive rates while protecting sensitive customer credit card data.

Cut out the middleman, so that your costs are based on “real” VISA and MasterCard interchange rates, not the Qualified, Mid-qualified and Non-Qualified bundled rates that you are promised but are never delivered.

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“ NAPA SAFEPAY+ is a Godsend. In our first month, our credit card processing fees went from $2800 to $2300, saving us roughly 18%. NAPA SAFEPAY+ has been very cost efficient and has all but eliminated any problems our old processing system was causing. The customer service we now provide to our clients is unmatched within the industry.”

-Kim Cook of San Luis Auto Parts, San Luis Obispo, CA. Enrolled in NAPA SAFEPAY+ 7/14/10

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