NAPA SafePAY+ Training Courses

These courses are designed to get you familiar with the NAPA SafePAY+ operations, procedures, processes and card transactions.There are also lessons that will give you an overview of the types of cards used in the program. All of the courses only take between 5 – 10 minutes to complete unless indicated. You will also receive credit for completing these courses, just as you do the other courses on the eLearning website under MyTraining.

These courses are intended for:
  • Counter Salespersons
  • Store Manager/Owners
  • District Managers/Area Managers
  • Division Heads

Available Training Courses
General InformationObjectives
Introduction to NAPA SafePAY+
  • Why the Napa SafePAY+ credit card terminal
  • Identify the additional benefits of the program
  • Identify the different components
  • Locate program reference and support materials
  • Get familiar with VeriFone with the Vx 570
Credit and Debit Card Overview
  • Credit card facts
NAPA SafePAY+ Reconciliation with TAMS
(coming soon)
  • Running End Of Day reports for all card types
  • Procedures to balance all of your credit, debit, gift and fleet card transactions with TAMS
Basic Troubleshooting on the VeriFone VX570 terminal  
Credit and Debit Card CoursesObjectives
Credit and Debit Card Sales Transactions  
Phone Orders and Manual Credit Card Transactions  
Gift Cards - Visit
The NAPA Gift Card Training can be found within the NAPA SafePay+ section of Training Targeted for Counter Sales.
Gift Cards (Activate, Balance & Reload)
  • What is a NAPA gift card?
  • How to sell a NAPA gift card using the activation process
  • Adding value to a gift card and checking the balance on a card

Extended course – 12 minutes

Processing Purchases and Refunds with Gift Cards  
Fleet Card - Under ConstructionObjectives
Fleet Card Overview
  • Fleet Card Facts
Fleet Card Transactions
  • Fleet Card Sales
  • Fleet Card Refunds & Voids



“The enrollment process could not have been easier and the terminal fee we recouped within a matter of weeks.”

Rick Weideman of Valley Auto Parts Inc.
Valley City, North Dakota – single-store owner
Enrolled in NAPA SafePAY+ on 07/22/11

“All in all NAPA SafePAY+ was painless to set up, is beyond easy to use, and saving us a ton of time and money!”

Matt Harrison of NAPA Abilene
Enrolled in NAPA Safe PAY+ on 1/09/10